Providing a voice for the home appliance industry in Europe – the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers

The Vision's 4 messages

Promoting jobs, growth, skills, innovation and sustainability

Home appliances contribute to literally all of the 211 million households in Europe. Meanwhile the home appliance industry makes a significant contribution to European society and can play an important role in meeting the European Union’s political priorities. Our total yearly economic contribution to the EU includes 53.3 billion euros to GDP, 14 billion euros in tax revenue and 1.4 billion euros in investment according to the latest available figures. Home appliance manufacturers directly employ almost quarter of a million people in Europe, while our activities provide jobs for an estimated total of nearly one million people within the single market 1 .

To maintain competitiveness and realise our future potential, home appliance manufacturers in Europe call on the new European Commission to put in place a collaborative process, that results in a clear and coherent policy framework for our sector from now until 2025 and supports our ambition to be: “An innovative home appliance sector in Europe enabled to advance sustainable lifestyles, achieve global leadership and provide skills and growth”

Of greatest priority to the industry’s future in Europe is to work alongside the European Institutions to:

  • Partner in an ongoing dialogue to unlock the sector’s contribution to EU needs; 
  • When policy is needed for our products, ensure it is clear, consistent, enforceable and based on the New Legislative Framework;
  • Calibrate carefully between the merits of regulation and market based responses.
  • Safeguard our freedom to commercialise new time and resource saving functions;
  • Work with us to ensure increased consumer choice to make all lifestyles sustainable;
  • Turn energy efficiency potential into real energy savings.
  • Establish a Connected Appliances Platform to discuss trends and market uptake as part of the EU Digital Single Market;
  • Prepare the ground for connected homes with clear and consistent policy;
  • Coordinate with industry to align investments in technology innovation with supporting infrastructure.
  • Provide us with the skills to be able to keep jobs in Europe;
  • Enhance market surveillance to unlock the potential of existing regulation and create a level playing field for fair growth.